Pittsburg plans drive-thru Christmas parade in the park

A nursing home where every resident has tested positive for the coronavirus in a rural Kansas county with the state’s highest infection rate has been warned that federal officials are moving to remove it from the Medicare program, putting its funding at risk.

PITTSBURG, Kan. – Pittsburg Parks and Recreation is planning a different kind of Christmas parade to make sure the long-standing tradition can continue.

“Just not having it.. of course, it wasn’t an option. This is a tradition,” says Sarah Vacca with Pittsburg Parks and Recreation. “This year is a lot about adapting and not simply canceling. So we wanted to adapt.”

Vacca says floats will be lined up along the route, and residents will drive past in their cars, much like when looking at Christmas light displays.

The department wanted to get creative to keep the tradition alive even amidst the pandemic, and hope participants will get creative to make it more fun than ever.

“Whether it’s kind of putting on a scene as the people are driving by or doing more dancing even potentially could be something that is fun for our patrons to see as they drive by,” says Vacca. “So, creativity is definitely where it’s at this year.”

The parade will take place on November 30th starting at 6:00 p.m. It will go through Lincoln Park, and the route will be determined by how many entries they receive.

All entries for the parade at free. More information will be put out on the Parks and Recreation Facebook Page.