Pittsburg Community Schools addresses school mask policy

Sign Telling Pittsburg Students To Wear A Mask


PITTSBURG, Ks. -Bryan Hanson is a Pittsburg bar owner and the father of a student at Pittsburg High School.

He wants to know why USD 250 students still have to wear masks in school when the state of Kansas and Crawford County are no longer enforcing mask mandates.

“I don’t know if they’re scared of litigation being brought up against them or whatever. Well, it’s time to just be done,” said Hanson.

But Pittsburg school officials don’t see things that way and say when it comes to the safety of students, they want to stick to what works.

“Since it has proven to be effective to this point and since we are within a short time frame from the end of the year, the (school) board’s wish is to let that policy remain until the end of the year and then we’ll reassess for next year,” said USD 250 Superintendent Rich Proffitt.

But Mr. Hanson doesn’t agree with that assessment.

“Well, I’m concerned with why they think that their views and ideals are more effective than what the state and also our county has said,” said Hanson.

Superintendent Proffitt notes that while Kansas lawmakers may have axed the statewide mask mandate, the recently passed Senate Bill 40 empowers school boards to set COVID-19 policy for their districts, and the school board in Pittsburg doesn’t want to gamble when it comes to keeping students virus-free.

“We don’t think that it’s really good for us to change policy midstream unless we have extreme factors, and since the masks have worked, they’re not considered to be an extreme factor,” said Superintendent Proffitt.