Pittsburg native Ben Fowler ties for 5th place at World Knife Throwing League US Open

Fowler's final round will air on ESPN2 on Sunday and Monday

PITTSBURG, Ks. – Pittsburg’s Ben Fowler placed in the top 10 at the World Knife Throwing League (WKTL) US Open earlier this month.

“I had all the feels walking into the arena on game day on Sunday,” Fowler says. “Walking in by myself… it was a feeling like none other of competition. Now, going forward I feel more prepared.”

The field was made up of 64 competitors. Fowler advanced to the finals and finished in a tie for 5th place.

“The competition was really tough,” Fowler says. “There were so many great throwers from around North America. I was able to show my skill set on a national level.”

He’s been competing in the sport for a little over a year. Fowler picked up knife throwing when recovering from a reconstructive foot surgery that forced him to relearn how to walk. His hard work is paying off.

“I was very happy finishing in the top eight,” Fowler says. “I felt like that was a great achievement for me. Knife throwing requires a lot of balance, walking and muscle memory, which I needed to relearn recovering from a major foot surgery. I was getting good and kept practicing and obsessing over the sport. Now, my hard work and work ethic has gotten me some recognition on ESPN.”

Fowler’s finals match will air on ESPN2 this Sunday and Monday.