Pittsburg High School Thespian Troupe hosts “Gender-Bent Cabaret”

Funds went towards the high school's theatre program.

PITTSBURG, Kan –Pittsburg High School theatre students put on a cabaret to raise funds for their theatre program.

Although it wasn’t a typical cabaret.

“For years we’ve done a cabaret, which a cabaret is it doesn’t have a synopsis it doesn’t have a story, people just pick out songs they wanna do and they get to come on and showcase themselves. we’ve done cabarets before, they’re fundraisers for KTF which is  Kansas Thespian Festival, and…International Thespian Festival,” said Mallory Womeldorff, President of the Pittsburg High School Drama Club.

This Sunday’s theme had a gender-bent twist

“A  typical female performing person would perform a male song and the opposite and so and so just however somebody identifies they get to do a song that typically they wouldn’t get to perform on stage, this is their opportunity to do that,” Womeldorff said.

Actors that took part say singing songs from the opposite gender’s perspective was an opportunity to expand on their musical and theatrical abilities.

“It’s very interesting you have to look at vocal range you have to look up ooh do I sing this in the original key, do I take it up the octave, do I go somewhere in the middle and especially with this cabaret I had a really hard time finding a song,” said Pittsburg High School Junior Ella Rhuem.

It gave students to sing songs that they may have always wanted to sing but never had the opportunity to.

“Come back is a song from a male’s perspective and so typically I wouldn’t be able to sing that song but that songs is in my range and I love that song so I got the chance to perform that finally,” Womeldorff said.

Most importantly, it allowed students to get out of their comfort zones, which is what theatre is all about.