Pittsburg High Drivers-Ed Students Learn Semi-Truck Safety


PHS Drivers-Ed Students Learn Semi-Truck Safety

Pittsburg, Kan. (April 10, 2014) – Driving near a semi-truck can be daunting for motorists, especially if you are new to driving. According to a January 2014 report by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), in 2012, 11 percent (59 of 534) of fatality crashes in Kansas involved large trucks. That was 1.6 percent of the total fatalities in the US.

“In teaching students about interacting with traffic, the more the students understand about the other types of vehicles on the roadway, the better driver they will be,” says Ben Bernhardt, PHS Drivers Education instructor. “Because of their size, semi-trucks are a little scary to many students.”

On Friday, April 11, 2014, at 12:35PM, at Pittsburg High School, 1978 E. 4th Street, PHS Drivers Education students will see the road from an even different perspective. An experienced semi-truck driver will be visiting with students to talk about the many difficulties of driving a big rig.

“The students get an opportunity to get in the semis and see the multiple blind spots that we discuss, why semis have to make wider turns and other issues involving semis,” Bernhardt said. “One of the goals of this activity is for students to replace fear with respect and knowledge of dealing with semis in traffic situations.”

Bernhardt hopes that by offering this presentation, students will become more at ease with sharing the road with semi-truck drivers.

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