Pittsburg girls soccer picks up first win in program history

The Purple Dragons got their first win Tuesday against McAuley Catholic.

PITTSBURG, Kan. – The Pittsburg High School girls soccer team picked up the first win in program history Tuesday night, beating McAuley Catholic 3-0.

“It was awesome. We’ve just been focused on improving every day and taking our training and what we do into the games. Last night everything just kind of came together,” says head coach Kyle Bockover, “It was nice to see a complete game in all phases.”

“It was just a really different experience to be able to say something good about these games that we go to, instead of having to be like yeah we didn’t win today but maybe next time. This was our next time,” says senior Shi Ross, “This is what we’ve been telling everybody to wait for and it was something that felt really good to be able to talk about at school today.”

Alyssa Hotze scored two goals in the win, while Ross added the other goal for Pittsburg.

“It was a feeling that was unexplainable. I can’t really put it in words,” Ross adds, “Working so hard for this program, working so hard for a win and seeing it finally happen was just a surreal moment.”

“I hope what they played like and what they felt like after the win carries over into future games,” Bockover says, “I hope they take that with them and build on it.”