Pittsburg crossing guard brings positive energy to elementary students every morning

Former Pitt State distance runner Dominick Fonseca aims to make a difference at George Nettels Elementary.

PITTSBURG, Kan. – (WATCH) Crossing guard Dominick Fonseca gives students at George Nettels Elementary in Pittsburg a little boost to start every morning.

He spends his mornings hyping kids up and giving hugs and high-fives as they walk into school first thing in the morning.

“I don’t necessarily look at this as a job, you know? It’s fun,” Fonseca says, “School is like 7 or 8 hours long. They’re up in the morning and they’re tired. That’s something that I would kind of want if I was going to school, just someone to hype me up so I could have a good day. It kind of gets my day started too.”

Fonseca is a former Pitt State track and cross country athlete. He was an All-MIAA cross country runner for the Gorillas, competing from 2015-2018.

He’s now a graduate student at PSU – studying to get his masters degree in Social Work.

“I just felt like I could make a bigger impact if I go back to school and do social work, and work in the child welfare system,” Fonseca says.

Helping children is a passion for Fonseca.

“It was kind of rough for me growing up. I think if I had different resources, a mentor or someone who could help guide me through, I think it would have been a lot easier road,” Fonseca adds, “That’s what I want to do now, provide resources for children and families who don’t necessarily have them.”

For now, he’s already making a difference – armed with a stop sign, a smile and a little humor.