Pittsburg Chamber says shop local when doing Back to School shopping

The first day of school is right around the corner. Before you head out the Pittsburg Chamber of Commerce wants you to think local.

According to the National Retail Federation back to school shopping is the second largest shopping season of the year.

Pittsburg’s Chamber says out of every $100 spent in the community $68 stays, circulating through the community.

Stores such as Factory Connection see a boost in business during back to school shopping.

“Those are employees paying your friend, maybe your children will get a job at one of the businesses here, so just consider the importance of that and keeping your money local when back to school shopping,” says Davin Gorman, the Vice President of the Pittsburg Chamber. “It really ads up.”

If you’re looking for a specific item and don’t know where to look the Pittsburg chamber says to give them a call.