Pittsburg bookstore honoring Native American heritage month

PITTSBURG, Ks.–November marks a special time for Native Americans.

Native American heritage month is observed all month long, and even year long at Books & Burrow in Pittsburg.

Darcy Shultz co-owns the bookstore with her husband.

Shultz is originally from Miami, Ok, and is a member of the  Peoria Tribe of Indians of Oklahoma.

Since she and her husband opened the bookstore two years ago, she’s using her heritage and store to educate four-state residents about native culture.

“We still do a lot of research for, you know, always looking for native authors and stories. and so that’s a permanent section in our store.”

This month, in particular, the bookstore will host various book clubs to study Native American literature as well as a ceremony to recognize the land the bookstore sits on, by acknowledging its native roots.

“Land acknowledgment is when you put together a statement and they’re all a little bit different…but you are recognizing the land that you know of, either like this physical building is on and honoring those nations that it’s their ancestral lands…it’s a statement of respect and memory.”

For Shultz,  she says sharing her heritage and identity not only helps the community learn more about her culture, but allows herself to as well.

“I’m still learning my own culture, you know, and that’s kind of common to where you feel very disconnected. and so I just kind of want people to think like, well, they’re there. we’re on this journey together. if that makes sense of kind of learning, relearning.”

The owner says wants to make sure Native American’s aren’t overlooked, which is what this month and her store are about.

“We’re still here. and we’re doing things, business owners, we’re part of the community, and that’s important for everyone to know.”

For more information on programming for Native American heritage month, click here.