Pittsburg begins “Continuous Learning Plan” for remainder of school year

The district is distributing around 1,000 devices to students so they can stay connected.

This week is the beginning of Pittsburg’s “Continuous Learning Plan”, with teachers delivering lessons to students predominantly online.

It started Monday morning, with the district beginning to distribute more than 1,000 devices for students to stay connected.

“It’s not just in machines, we’re investing in children. We’re investing in kids’ education,” says USD 250 Superintendent Richard Proffitt, “This is the main mode that we have decided to use, because we want that face-to-face interaction through Zoom meetings, Google Hangouts or whatever is being used.”

“When I logged into my office hours and kids starting popping in or they started sending me emails…It was a really gratifying, warm feeling,” says 6th grade math teacher Amy Bartlow.

According to the district’s plan, each student’s 3rd quarter grade will be used as the basis for their final grade. From now until the end of the school year, they will be graded on a variety of factors, including assignments and engagement.

“We want them to try to excel at the highest level they possibly can,” Proffitt adds, “Is their grade going to drop, probably not for the semester. But can it improve with some quality work? Absolutely.”

“It’s a matter of…what skills can I give you so that you’re prepared for the next step,” Bartlow says of the remainder of the year. 

While it is not the same as having a classroom full of students, teachers are excited to be back to teaching, after a few tough weeks of preparation.

“Every time I saw an email from a kid come through or a kid come through in a Google Hangout, I smiled really big,” Bartlow says of her first day back instructing students, “It was cool to see them and connect with them, and it lets them know that I’m still there for them. That’s something that I think all of our parents and families need to remember. Your teachers are still there for you and they really really want to be.”