Pittsburg Approves Downtown Advisory Board

Pittsburg Approves Downtown Advisory Board
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Veronica Snyder makes special trips to Root Coffeehouse on a regular basis. She makes an effort to stay downtown and explore the other shops on Broadway. But says there’s some major obstacles in attracting others like her.

“Just drawing people down here. Letting people know what is down here,” Snyder said. “Because I think that’s one of the things that most Pittsburg people don’t realize is everything that’s down here.”

The owner of Root Coffeehouse, Lindsey Kling, says it’s a matter of establishing an identity for downtown as a destination.

“Because for so many years it really was not that way,” Kling said. “There was a lot of offices, there were a lot of empty buildings.”

It’s one reason the Pittsburg city commission has approved a 7-member board to promote and shape the future of downtown Pitt.

“The knowledge of the people that I hope will be on this board will allow us to think out of the box and decide how we can do different things downtown,” Downtown District Coordinator Jeff Wilbert said.

The board will include downtown retailers, residents, a property owner, and others with an interest to attract business, and work with the city to create a plan for downtown improvement.

It’s not just about attracting and promoting downtown businesses. The board is also expected to address downtown infrastructure.

“You know there’s some buildings that need some work,” Wilbertr said. “The structure of some of the buildings is one thing that I know the board is gonna look at. We may have an opportunity to apply for historic grants that will help to keep the historic nature of downtown.”

“I think a lot of people, especially college students, they don’t know what they can find here,” Kling said. “And I think once people come and visit some of the stores they’ll come back. It’s just getting them there to begin with.”

Applications to join the advisory board can be picked up at city hall. You can find a link to the online application HERE. Application are due on January 4th.