Pitt State women’s camp to bring 150+ teams to Pittsburg

Pitt State's annual women's team camp begins on Wednesday.

PITTSBURG, Kan. – The Pitt State women’s basketball high school team cam brings in teams from all around the region – with teams from Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Colorado and more coming to Pittsburg in the past.

“This week we’ll have 71 teams and then we’ll have 84 next week,” says PSU women’s basketball head coach Amanda Davied, “It’s a lot of teams, a lot of talent and a lot of great coaches that we’ve been able to build great relationships with.”

The camp is split into two sessions, with the first running from this Wednesday to Friday. The second session will be next Wednesday to Friday.

In those six days, more than 150 teams will play around 600 games in six different locations in the Pittsburg area as part of the camp. Games are held at Pitt State’s Weede Gymnasium, Pitt State’s rec center, Pittsburg High School, Pittsburg Community Middle School, St. Mary’s Colgan Catholic High School and Frontenac High School.

For local teams it’s a chance to push themselves against new and tough competition.

“We get to see a lot of different competition for our kids. We put our kids in the toughest division every year,” says Carl Junction girls head coach Brad Shorter, “We see a lot of great basketball. It’s not really about wins and losses, but it’s about improving. We give our kids the opportunity to kind of expand their game and progress and maybe put some more tools in their bag before the season.”

For Pitt State it gives the coaching staff a chance to see potential recruits – with multiple campers being signed to play for the Gorillas over the years.

“Typically, we would possibly get a commitment from this camp, or right before or right after,” Davied says, “We get them here on campus and get them to meet our players and our staff and get involved in the community. They’re going places in the community and they get to see, even before they’re a Pitt State athlete, that Pittsburg is really appreciative of new people coming into town. We’re always dealing with that with the college with incoming freshman and things like that. The college is welcoming and the town is welcoming, so it’s really their first taste of that.”

It gives the current PSU players – who help *run* the camp – a chance to work together in the off-season and build a little team chemistry.

“It’s awesome to have our incoming freshmen and new players join us and see what Pitt State is all about, and kind of get a feel for who we are as individuals, both on and off the court,” says Pitt State sophomore guard and former camp attendee Grace Pyle.

“All the way around, it’s just a phenomenal experience for everybody,” Davied finishes, “We’re happy to host. We love that we have this. I told somebody that I ran out of dorms, and they said well that’s a good problem to have. Some of these things…it’s truly a beautiful mess. We love it.”

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