Pitt State track team volunteers at Salvation Army

PSU track team packages Christmas gifts for Crawford County residents

PITTSBURG, Ks. – The Pittsburg State track and field team spent the day at the Salvation Army.

“Giving back just makes you feel good about what you have and about helping people get better than what they currently have,” says PSU senior, London Futch. “People around our age normally forget that there are other people out there that don’t have it as well as others.”

The team was put to work making Christmas gift bags full of toys and school supplies.

“It’s great to know that the kids are going to be taken care of and receive something special, even if it’s not as great compared to what other kids get,” says PSU senior, Trey Mooney. “I feel like the whole meaning of what’s behind it is what makes it so special.”

The gifts will be distributed to an estimated twelve hundred children across Crawford County.

“I have a daughter at home,” Mooney says. “If I was getting Christmas gifts from the Salvation Army knowing that I don’t have a whole lot, it would mean a whole lot to me, my daughter and my family. I feel like it’s a really good thing they have going on here.”

“Just the smile on the kids faces is enough,” Futch says. “Just to know you did enough to make someone happy within that moment.”

The team is focused on creating a positive relationship with the Pittsburg community.

“I feel the more we get out in the community, the more we will get back from the community and the more they will come to our meets and support us in any way that they can,” Mooney says, “Having the crowd there gets us pumped up gives us more of the energy that we need.”

“The community comes out and supports us,” Futch says. “It’s way more exciting with their support. When they’re watching you every race and every step of the way it just makes you go a little harder.”