Pitt State football gives Kansas Special Olympics athletes “game-day” experience

PSU partners with Kansas Special Olympics for "Victory Day" Friday.

PITTSBURG, Kan. – Pittsburg State football partnered with Kansas Special Olympics on Friday morning to host “Victory Day” at Carnie Smith Stadium.

The event gives the Special Olympics the Pitt State football “game-day” experience – and an opportunity to work with Pitt State players and coaches.

Each athlete got their own jersey and walked the “Gorilla Walk” into Carnie Smith Stadium, before hitting the field for one-on-one work with players – completing drills and even scoring a few touchdowns.

“Some of these kids will never get another opportunity like this again,” says Pitt State wide receiver Bryce Murphy, “I’m glad we get to put on something like this to give them a day to be a superhero, or whatever they think they want to be.”

“We just want to put a smile on their face and let them enjoy the day and have fun,” says Pitt State head football coach Brian Wright, “It’s such a special day, not only for the participants, but also for the team. Our guys get the opportunity to build some lifelong relationships with some kids that don’t have the opportunity to play football.”