Pitt State Athletics Announces Continued Suspension of Men’s Golf Program


Pittsburg State University President Steve Scott and Director of Intercollegiate Athletics Jim Johnson announced today (Dec. 17) that the Gorillas men’s golf program will not return in the fall.

Pitt State suspended the program from competition for the 2014-15 year and began an exhaustive self-study and evaluation to determine the viability of continuing the program starting in 2015-16. Pitt State’s Athletic Council and President’s Council groups were involved in the evaluation process, as well as a working group composed of local boosters.

“This was not a quick and easy decision to make as an institution,.” Johnson said. “There was a large collective effort and careful study placed on the financial and staffing perspectives of continuing the golf program. At the end of the day, we realized this was the proper direction to take at this time.”

President Scott put the decision in a broader context by noting, “these are complex economic times. As the state of Kansas wrestles with more and more difficult budget decisions, we ultimately feel that pressure at the campus level. Within that context, we have a responsibility to assess what we can and cannot offer and make decisions accordingly.”

Johnson added, “while men’s golf will not return in the fall of 2015, analysis of sport program expansion will continue to be part of our ongoing planning for the future.”