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Class 3

Big 8 West Conference

School Colors: Black and White

Head Coach: Wes Beachler (27-36, 6th season)

Assistant coaches: Neil Barnes, Will Downing, Blake Howarth, Cole Sanderson, Ken Eastwood and Jerrod Alexander


“Our running game should continue to be solid this season. With all the linemen we return, the talent in the backfield and the addition of a few new players, we should be just as capable as we were last year. Our group on defense is intelligent and they get to the ball well. They should be fun to watch. Six of our guys on that side were sophomores last season.”

Five Year Trend (Playoffs)

  • 2020: 7-4 (Second Round)
  • 2019: 0-10 (First Round)
  • 2018: 1-9 (First Round)
  • 2017: 5-6 (Second Round)
  • 2016: 3-8 (Second Round)


Nevada was such a good story last season. After going winless in 2019, the team turned around and went 7-4 last season, and really had a chance to win a couple more. “We had a great turnaround,” says head coach Wes Beachler, “We lost in the closing seconds to Seneca last year, and we led Lamar going into the 4th quarter. We need to be able to finish games like that this season. We went from not being very competitive, to being competitive in every game. Our seniors and the rest of our guys did a great job of re-focusing the program on what is important; effort at practice, a winning attitude and playing as hard as you can on each and every down.”


RB/LB Eli Cheaney (Sr) 6’1″, 185 lb – 2nd team All-Big 8

HB/LB Logan Marquardt (Sr) 6’1″, 210 lb

WB/LB Anthony Vance (Sr) 6’1″, 180 lb

WB/CB JD Downing (Sr) 5’7″, 160 lb

OL/DE Omar Vargas (Sr) 6’2″, 205 lb

C Jackson Dryer (Sr) 6’1″, 250 lb

OL/DE Logan Smith (Sr) 5’11”, 235 lb

OL/DL Lukas Higgins 6’3″, 230 lb – 2nd team All-District

TE/DE Kartman Highley (Sr) 6’2″, 215 lb

QB/CB Cade Beshore (Jr) 5’9″, 165 lb

TE/DB Drew Beachler (Jr) 6’4″, 175 lb

RB/LB Case Sanderson (Jr) 6’3″, 205 lb – 1st team All-Big 8

TB/S Blake Cox (Jr) 5’8″, 155 lb

FB/LB Zade Lee (Jr) 5’6″, 170 lb

TB/LB Gage Miller (Jr) 5’11”, 165 lb

OL/DL Kennedy D’Elia (Jr) 5’11”, 235 lb

OL/DT Kenneth Johnson (Jr) 5’10”, 210 lb

OL/DT Skylur Mashek (Jr) 6’0″, 260 lb

TE/LB Brayden Koenig (Jr) 5’10”, 165 lb

DB Tayvin Moore (Jr) 5’8″, 140 lb

TE/LB/DE Steve Zachary (Jr) 5’11”, 140 lb

RB/LB Jeremy Rivas (Jr) 5’10”, 150 lb


RB/DB Avious Steadman (Jr) 5’11”, 165 lb

RB/LB Jordan Johnson (Jr) 6’0″, 185 lb

FB/LB Layne Webb (So)

FB/LB Henry Campbell (So)

TE/LB Tyler Longobardi (So)

RB/DB Brice Budd (So)

TE/DE Garrett Vickers (So)

TB/DB Tucker Duncan (So)

OL/DL Ryan Godsey (So)

TE/DE Kellen Ast (So)

OL/DL Kanyon Highley (So)

OL/DL Blake Woods (So)

OL/DL Evan Forkner (So)


8/27 vs. Logan-Rogersville

9/3 @ Hollister

9/10 @ Cassville

9/17 vs. Lamar

9/24 @ Monett

10/1 vs. Seneca

10/8 @ East Newton

10/15 vs. McDonald County

10/22 vs. Aurora


Nevada has a lot to be excited about, starting with their offensive line. They have the whole group back – that led the team to 321 rushing yards per game last season. “We may move a few of them around, but they all have a great amount of experience,” coach Beachler says of his offensive line, “Our starting FB, Logan Marquardt, also returns to assist this solid group of offensive linemen, although his role could potentially change.” Running behind that line will be Case Sanderson and Eli Cheaney. Sanderson averaged 7.6 yards-per-carry in 2020, while Cheaney rushed for 1,132 yards. They also have a great group of talented kids back on the defensive side of the ball. “After a successful 2020 season, we are planning to step up and have an even better season in 2021,” says senior Logan Marquardt, “We’ve been putting in work since the season ended last year. Our senior class has been playing together for a long time, and we plan to leave our mark on Nevada Tiger football history.” Marquardt isn’t the only one with high hopes for Nevada. “This season has the potential to be the best we have had in a long time,” Logan Smith adds, “We are all working hard to build off the success we had last year. The bond of this team is truly like a brotherhood. I can’t wait for one last season with my brothers.”

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