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Class 4 District 5

Big 8 West Conference

School Colors: Purple and Yellow

Head Coach: Derrek Uhl (40-26, 7th season)

Assistant coaches: Garrison Earnest (DC), Jeff Piepenbrink (DB), Hunter Bailey (DL), Lace Withnell (WR), Jedd Anderson (RB) and Joe Dankelson (OL)


“We will need to find our identity on both sides of the ball. We have hired a new defensive coordinator, Garrison Earnest, who will bring great energy and put our guys in the right situations to be successful. We have coached together since 2014 and I am excited for his new role. On offense we will run the flexbone again this year, and we will be more experienced at the skill positions.”

Five Year Trend (Playoffs)

  • 2020: 3-6 (First Round)
  • 2019: 8-3 (Second Round)
  • 2018: 4-6 (First Round)
  • 2017: 3-7 (First Round)
  • 2016: 14-1 (State Champions)


Monett slipped back under .500 last season, going 3-6 overall. “As a coach, I was proud of our guys and how they didn’t make excuses and kept working through the entire season,” says head coach Derrek Uhl, “The work paid off with a win in week 9 over Seneca. I was happy that our seniors were able to actually play and have a season. There were many challenges last season and every week we seemed to overcome those challenges. I also learned how to be more flexible about things I couldn’t control.”


OG/DT Harrison Merriman (Sr) 6’4″, 285 lb – 2nd team All-State OL

RB/DB Ethan Umfleet (Sr) 5’11”, 185 lb – 2nd team All-Big 8 DB

RB/LB Corbin McCully (Sr) 5’9″, 180 lb – HM All-Big 8 LB

QB/LB Daven Madrid (Jr) 5’11”, 185 lb

QB/WR/DB Marcus Young (Jr) 6’0″, 160 lb

DB Jake Hoyt (Jr) 5’10”, 165 lb

RB/LB Konnor Poynter (Jr) 6’0″, 180 lb

LB Diego Baidon (So) 5’10”, 185 lb

OG Hunter Laning (Jr) 6’0″, 220 lb

OG Alex Misener (Jr) 6’1″, 250 lb

K Erik Chavez (So) 5’9″, 145 lb


TE/DE Christian Bellville (Jr) 6’1″, 230 lb

OL/DL Brandon Cure (Jr) 5’10”, 295 lb

OL/DL Keller Snodgrass (Jr) 6’1″, 255 lb

OL/DL Fernando Hinojosa (Jr) 5’8″, 210 lb

TE/LB Isiah Meeks (Jr) 6’4″, 185 lb

RB/LB Mathew Burdett (Jr) 5’10”, 160 lb

RB/LB Dylan Gorman (Jr) 5’10”, 165 lb

WR/DB Tyler Waterman (Sr) 6’1″, 165 lb

WR/DB Drew Ervin (Sr) 6’1″, 165 lb

WR/DB Jared Smith (Jr) 5’11”, 160 lb

WR/DB Ian Hildebrand (Jr) 5’10”, 155 lb

WR/DB Tyler McCully (Sr) 5’11”, 165 lb

WR/DB Wyatt Sitton-Barrows (Sr) 6’4″, 190 lb

WR/DB Zane McCracken (Sr) 6’1″, 200 lb

OL/DL Danny Parson (Sr) 5’10”, 210 lb

QB/DB Evan Witt (So) 5’9″, 165 lb

OL/DL Kaleb Bennett (So) 5’9″, 210 lb

OL/DL Paul Najdek (So) 6’1″, 210 lb

RB/DB Bo Stephens (So) 5’11”, 160 lb

OL/DL Aiden Smith (Sro) 5’11”, 210 lb

OL/DL Keegan Carr (So) 5’10”, 180 lb

FB/LB Kash Adams (So) 5’9″, 170 lb


8/27 vs. Hollister

9/3 @ Aurora

9/10 vs. East Newton

9/17 @ McDonald County

9/24 vs. Nevada

10/1 @ Cassville

10/8 vs. Lamar

10/15 vs. Springfield Catholic

10/22 @ Seneca


Monett has some talented guys back, starting with Ethan Umfleet in the backfield. “Ethan has started since he was a freshman, and I’m excited to see him have a big senior year,” says head coach Derrek Uhl, “He was injured most of last season, but in the games he played he rushed for more than 100 yards in each of them. He’s a very explosive runner with great vision.” Harrison Merriman will also be a leader for this team on the interior of both sides of the ball. “Harrison has also played since his freshman year,” Uhl says, “He’s a very physical football player that will lead our guys up front.” The Cubs have some experience. They’ll be fast on defense and good at linebacker. Their quarterback, Daven Madrid, is also returning. “Daven has a strong arm and runs the ball hard,” Uhl says of his signal caller, “He improved each game last year and will be a good leader this year.” Monett will bounce back this season. It’s a good program and they have some solid, talented athletes.