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Class 4A District 3

School Colors: Blue and White

Head Coach: Zach Gardner (4-26, 4th season)

Assistant coaches: Brad Homer (DC), Matt LeFay (OL/DL), Rick Simpson (ST/LB), Patrick Billings (OLB), Tom Hubbard (DB) Pete Overman (WR), David Gilstrap (RB) and Zach Henry


“Our biggest strength will be numbers and competition at key positions.”

Five Year Trend (Playoffs)

  • 2020: 0-10 (No Playoffs)
  • 2019: 1-9 (No Playoffs)
  • 2018: 3-7 (No Playoffs)
  • 2017: 1-9 (No Playoffs)
  • 2016: 1-9 (No Playoffs)


Miami struggled in 2020, going 0-10 in their third season under head coach Zach Gardner. The Wardogs are now 4-26 in the last three years. “Our biggest challenge last year was having key injuries and lacking depth with experience,” Gardner says, “We will be more experienced in 2021, but we’ll still be very young.”


WR/S Jonah Redden (Sr) 5’10”, 155 lb

QB/CB Braylon Riley (So) 5’10”, 180 lb

RB/LB Hunter Nichols (So) 6’0″, 200 lb

QB/S Karson Jinks (Jr) 6’0″, 190 lb

WR/CB Garrett Walls (So) 5’8″, 150 lb

WR/CB Keaton Jinks (Sr) 6’2″, 170 lb

OLB Alfred Bailey (Jr) 5’10”, 180 lb

OL/DL Keagan Kamumo (Sr) 6’2″, 230 lb

OL/DL Jacob Beebe (Sr) 6’3″, 300 lb

OL/DL Kim Chura (So) 5’9″, 320 lb

WR/FS Wyatt McPhetridge (So) 5’10”, 170 lb


LB Domonic Humble (So) 5’10”, 185 lb

WR/LB Landon Elledge (So) 5’9″, 160 lb

DL Jacob Joseph (Sr) 6’1″, 220 lb

OL/DL Brian Cox (Jr) 5’10”, 220 lb


OL/DL Reece Satterwhite (Fr) 6’2″, 225 lb

OL/LB Zander Clark (Fr) 5’11”, 200 lb

RB/S Seth Davis (Fr) 6’1″, 180 lb

RB/LB Lucas Haile (Fr) 5’9″, 165 lb

WR/LB David Homer (Fr) 5’8″, 140 lb


8/27 @ Dewey

9/3 vs. Jay

9/10 @ Verdigris

9/17 BYE

9/24 vs. Bristow

10/1 @ Cleveland

10/8 vs. Oologah

10/14 @ Wagoner

10/22 vs. Catoosa

10/29 @ Skiatook

11/5 vs. Grove


Miami will be a young team again, but at least a lot of these guys got the opportunity to get a feel for the game last season. “We’ll be looking to a lot of different guys to be leaders on the field for us,” coach Gardner says, “We are still a very young group trying to develop our identity. This season should be about finding that identity, limiting mistakes and finding ways to improve in all aspects of the game for the Wardogs. Gardner finishes, “”Our goal is to compete at a higher level and find a way to win some games.”