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Frontenac Raiders 1140x100


Class 3A District 2

CNC Conference

School Colors: Black and White

Head Coach:  Mark Smith (69-29, 10th season)

Assistant coaches: John Palumbo (DC), Bill Sullivan (WR/DB), Brady Hill (OL/DL), Jesse Wall (OL/DL), Kaleb Terlip and Ryan Varsolona


“Our seniors have a lot of experience at the varsity level. I think our kids will play with a lot of confidence, and they will play hard. We want our kids to be fast and physical. I believe our kids have a good understanding of the playbook on both sides, which will allow them to be aggressive and play fast. We will have one of the strongest groups that I have had since I have been here at Frontenac. We played in a lot of close games and big games over the last few years. Hopefully we can be more disciplined and execute at a higher level.”

Five Year Trend (Playoffs)

  • 2020: 6-5 (State Quarterfinals)
  • 2019: 10-1 (State Quarterfinals)
  • 2018: 6-4 (Regional Championship)
  • 2017: 9-4 (State Runner-Up)
  • 2016: 10-1 (State Quarterfinals)


Frontenac got off to a bit of a slow start last season, dropping three of their first four games. The Raiders rebounded to win five of their last seven, before falling to Holton in the state quarterfinals. You caught glimpses last year of what type of team this could be. “The best part about last season was getting to play a full schedule and bringing our team together to play some good football at the end of the season,” says coach Smith, “We thought we played a really good schedule and continued to get better every day and every week. I think we learned how to enjoy every moment together, work hard and give our best effort. I was really proud of how the players responded to all the challenges and adversity,” Smith says of dealing with COVID-19, It was stressful…We had to find a game on a Thursday (McDonald County) and turn around and play them on Friday at one point. We learned that it takes everyone on the team to be successful…you can do so much more when you believe in yourself and your teammates.” This Frontenac team does lose a talented guy in Ty Gates, who is moving on to play at Pittsburg State.


OL/DL Cruz Blair (Sr) 6’1″, 240 lb – 1st team All-State, 61 tackles, 14.5 TFL

TE/DE Landon Dean (Sr) 6’4″, 245 lb – 1st team All-State, 76 tackles, 7.5 TFL

QB/DE Collin McCartney (Sr) 6’2″, 200 – 1st team All-CNC, 1,175 pass yds, 637 rush yds, 21 total TD

OL/DL Lane Franklin (Sr) 6’2″, 260 lb

TB/SS Brady Stanley (Sr) 5’10”, 165 lb – 66 tackles, 7 TFL, 1 interception

FB/LB Justice Compton (Sr) 6’2″, 190 lb – 86 tackles, 6.5 TFL

WR/FS Dawson Lapping (Sr) 5’9″, 165 lb – 60 tackles, 1 interception

TB/CB Mario Menghini (Jr) 6’2″, 190 lb – 1,070 off. yds, 10 total TD – 2 interceptions


C/DL Trentyn Harris (Sr) 6’1″, 215 lb

WR/CB Kaston Fields (Sr) 5’8″, 150 lb

WR/CB Parker Beckmann (Sr) 6’0″, 165 lb

WR/WS Peyton Wilderman (Sr) 5’9″, 155 lb

OL/DL Matt Moore (Sr) 5’9″, 185 lb

OL/DL Christopher Stewart (Sr) 5’10”, 190 lb

HB/LB Dylan Bollinger (Sr) 5’10”, 205 lb

WR/WS Austin Parrish (Sr) 5’10”, 155 lb

WR/CB Aaron Doria (Sr) 6’0″, 165 lb

WR/CB Michael Doria (Sr) 6’0″, 160 lb

HB/LB Jack Lusker (Jr) 5’9″, 155 lb

TE/CB Dylan Witthuhn (Jr) 6’0″, 175 lb


9/3 vs. Columbus

9/10 @ Coweta (OK)

9/16 @ Colgan

9/24 vs. Iola

10/1 vs. Burlington

10/8 @ Anderson County

10/15 vs. Prairie View

10/22 @ Girard


I have high expectations for this team. There is a big, talented group of seniors here and it’s time to put it together and do damage in November. “We have a very experienced group of seniors who we expect to be our leaders on and off the field,” Smith says, “Collin McCartney, Cruz Blair and Lane Franklin have been starters since their freshman year, so we will lean on them to bring positive energy and great work ethic every day. Landon Dean, Justice Compton and Brady Stanley were the leaders of our defense last season. We expect them to set the tone once again in 2021. We are excited to see who else steps up and takes some leadership roles this year. We need to hold each other accountable, out-work our opponents and play with a lot of confidence and discipline.” While there is reason to be excited about the season for the Raiders, there are still aspects of the game in which they need to improve. “We must be more physical on both sides of the ball,” Smith adds, “Offensively, we have to be able to execute each play and we have to take care of the ball. Defensively, we must tackle better and be more physical sideline-to-sideline. We need to create more turnovers. We need to improve in special teams and try to create more advantages in field position to help our offense and defense. We just need to be more aggressive in all aspects; running, blocking, tackling and coaching.” A special season feels so close for the Raiders. They’ve been close to doing something special the last few years. It’s really up to them to put it together. “We know we haven’t accomplished our goals in the last few years,” Smith finishes, “Our team goal is to win a state championship. We are excited for the challenge ahead and the work that it is going to take to be successful. We want to win our district, and see if we can be playing our best ball in November. We have to do the little things. We have to be great practice players. We have to be great teammates. We must be disciplined and limit penalties. We need to play with a chip on our shoulder and play with great effort and energy.” Every team wants to do all of those things. Frontenac has the talent and ability to do it. A lot of athleticism here. Talented kids. Great coaching staff. Ingredients are there. Just have to cook it right. Can’t wait to see what Frontenac is able to do in 2021.

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