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Class 2 District X

Big 8 West Conference

School Colors: Red, Blue and White

Head Coach: Kyle Wood (3-17, 3rd season)

Assistant coaches: Tom Ellis (OC), Elliott Ginn (OL/DL) and Tommy Sangston (WR/DB)


“I am excited to see the growth this year from last year. We got a lot of kids on the field on Friday nights last year and all that experience should really play a big role this year. Our kids have been in the fire in the Big 8 and they have taken their lumps and come out the other side knowing what to expect, and understanding the level of speed and physicality it takes to play at. We have done a really nice job in the weight room and all our kids are stronger than they have ever been.”

Five Year Trend (Playoffs)

  • 2020: 1-8 (First Round)
  • 2019: 2-9 (Second Round)
  • 2018: 0-10 (First Round)
  • 2017: 0-10 (First Round)
  • 2016: 3-7 (First Round)


It was a tough season for the Patriots, and a lot of it had to do with putting a lot of young or inexperienced guys out there against a schedule of really good teams. East Newton had just five letter-winners back last season from 2019. “We had a ton of kids who had never played a down on Friday night,” says head coach Kyle Wood, “The speed and physicality of the Big 8 was a bit of a shock to everyone to start the year. That was the biggest challenge. It was a big eye-opener. We had to re-focus and adjust, but in the end, we continued to get better. The conference is brutal. The scores did not always show the growth that was happening, but it was there and I think we will show it this season.”


OL/DL Lane Baker (Sr) 6’2″, 225 lb – 2nd team All-District OL

OL Kaden Burbridge (Sr) 5’8″, 180 lb – 19 tackles

OL/DL Collin Farley (Sr) 6’1″, 195 lb – 13 tackles

OL/DL Mason Hailey (Jr) 6’2″, 220 lb – HM All-Area DL

OL/DL Dominic Shaw (Jr) 6’3″, 275 lb – HM  All-Area OL

WR/DB Matthew Knight (Sr) 6’1″, 175 lb – 32 tackles, 1 interception

RB/LB Nathan Evey (Sr) 6’0″, 185 lb – 1st team All-District RB, 680 rush yds, 5 TD

RB/LB Ty Bowman (Jr) 5’11”, 185 lb – 1st team All-District LB, 83 tackles, 1 interception

OL/ Elijah Mojica (Sr) 5’10”, 210 lb

DB Riley Downum (Jr) 5’10”, 150 lb – 82 rush yds, TD

LB Barrett Burkey (Sr) 5’9″, 150 lb – 20 tackles, 1 interception


WR/DB Glenn Bunch (Sr) 6’0″, 175 lb

QB/DB Shane Rawllins (Sr) 5’10”, 165 lb

RB/DB Jo Jackson (Jr) 5’7″, 150 lb

RB/LB Zach Jordon (Sr) 5’10”, 200 lb

OL/DL Xavier Long (Jr) 5’7″, 225 lb

OL/DL Alex Heatley (Jr) 5’7″, 205 lb

WR/DB Hayden Heatley (Jr) 5’8″, 175 lb

RB/LB Noah Hood (So) 5’9″, 150 lb

TE/LB Eden Enlow (So) 5’10”, 170 lb

WR/DB Jessen Morales (So) 5’6″, 145 lb


WR/DB Charlie Yang (Sr) 5’6″, 145 lb

OL/DL Haze Hagedon (So) 5’10”, 220 lb

WR/DB Marshall Renner (Jr) 6’0″, 165 lb

WR/DB Jack Xiong (Jr) 5’9″, 150 lb

QB/WR/DB Easton Schrader (Sr) 6’0″, 160 lb

OL/DL Tyler Millett (Sr) 5’11”, 210 lb

OL/DL Tristin Chang (Sr) 5’6″, 180 lb


8/27 vs. Reeds Spring

9/3 @ Mt. Vernon

9/10 @ Monett

9/17 vs. Seneca

9/24 vs. Marshfield

10/1 @ McDonald County

10/8 vs. Nevada

10/15 @ Cassville

10/22 vs. Lamar


East Newton has a ton of guys back who have played on Friday nights – which is something you couldn’t say last season. “We will rely heavily on our group of seniors to provide leadership,” says head coach Kyle Wood, “They are a tight-knit group, but they’ve been missing a true leader. If that group really wants to change the course of East Newton football, they need to provide good leadership. We need them to take pride in this being THEIR senior year and make it something to remember.” The Patriots have some talent there. They also have a couple good athletes who are newcomers from other schools. It’s just ridiculously hard to get rolling in such a tough conference. There are good teams in this league who can’t crack the top tier. With that said, there are good things happening for East Newton. They just need to get the momentum started. “We’ve had plenty of moral victories the last two years,” Wood adds, “We are ready for physical victories in the win column, and I really like where we are going into the season. Our expectations have never changed. We are goin to come in ready to work every day. We are going to have great attitudes with great effort, and we will get better every day. If we can do that, other goals that we want to attain, like Big 8 wins and hosting district games, will happen.”