Pfizer announces new COVID vaccine needed next year

Pharmacist: Concept of new vaccines isn't something new
Covid Vaccine
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JOPLIN, Mo. – Pfizer made an announcement that a new COVID-19 vaccine would be needed by mid 2022. However, this process isn’t anything new.

We’re nearly a year into the COVID-19 vaccine and there’s already been changes. Booster shots for certain groups have been approved as officials look at booster shots for the general population. But those changes, aren’t unlike what we experience every year with a vaccine we’re all familiar with. Chad Isaacs with Stone’s Corner Pharmacy says “With the flu vaccine it changes each year, you know, viruses mutate, they change, they adapt and therefore we want to study it every year and they do a good job of really predicting what the flu vaccine needs to contain.”

Isaacs says there’s a reason the flu vaccine changes each year. “That kind of immunity wanes over time as well as differences in the virus, so it’s important to get a new vaccine every year, even if you got one last year, it’s important to get a new one each year so you have good protection.”

Isaacs says it’s the same way with the COVID vaccine and the delta variant is a prime example. “That vaccine’s going to change too, just like the flu vaccine we’re going to have changes because of the virus changing and mutating, you know, the delta variant and other things have cropped up and the current vaccine has still been pretty effective against that, but come next year and years to come that may change and so they’ll continue to develop this vaccine and that’s a good thing.”

Isaacs adds that changes to vaccines overall, aren’t uncommon. “So that’s a natural process that’s not unexpected and it’s important to take advantage of the COVID vaccine we have now, but also realize there will be new formulas in the future and those will be a good thing to supplement what has already been started this year.”

Isaacs says even with the COVID vaccine, it’s still a good idea to get your flu shot to ensure you’re protected.