PetVet On Call: Fun Fact

Today we have a fun fact that comes from doctor Eva Dudek, and she’s talking about whales…

“A lot of people don’t realize that whales are mammals just like us, not fish. They give birth to live young instead of laying eggs like a lot of fish do, they feed their babies milk from mammary glands, and they breathe air through lungs they don’t gills and a lot of the females in the whale pod help each other have babies. So when the baby whale is born the other females will actually help the baby whale up to the surface for its first breath because like us they can’t hold them upside down and spank them.”

If you have a question — whether it’s about a weird habit of your pet — or a health concern — just send it to . Doctor Eva Dudek from the Parsons Pet Hospital answers a different question, or brings us a fun fact, every Wednesday.