Petition: Sell Montana to Canada to erase $1T in debt

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Public domain via Wikimedia Commons
44. Montana

A petition is gathering attention for its solution to chipping away at the country’s $22 trillion national debt: sell Montana to Canada for $1 trillion.

The petition attracted nearly 11,000 signatures as of midday Wednesday, with a goal of reaching 15,000. The petition’s author, Ian Hammond, merely states, ” We have too much debt and Montana is useless. Just tell them it has beavers or something. ”

The petition has raised the ire of the Great Fall Tribune of Montana, prompting a pointed editorial. Among the questions the editorial imposed was “No. 1: How dare you?” as well as ” What do Americans do about the other $20 trillion in national debt? $1 trillion would only cover a year’s federal deficit (projected to be $985 billion in 2019)” and “Does Canada have an extra trillion? ”

Hammond didn’t indicate what he was going to do with the petition once it reached its 15,000 signature goal.