Pet owners spending record amount on their pets for Valentine’s Day

Gift sales for pets to exceed one billion nation wide

PITTSBURG, Kan. – Kadie Hawpe spoils her one-year-old Corgi named Wade and isn’t afraid to admit it.

“Pretty much buy cookies all the time. I got him a birthday cake when he turned one,” says Hawpe.

And when February 14th rolls around, Wade knows there’s more where that came from.

“Wade gets excited when he gets a special treat. You know, my kids get excited when they get a valentine. So, he gets to be a part of that,” says Hawpe.

But Hawpe definitely isn’t alone in how much she spoils her pet.

This year, the National Retail Federation estimates that almost two billion dollars will be spent on furry and fuzzy four-legged valentines across the nation.

“Any excuse people can have to buy treats for their pets is probably a good one. My theory is again, anything that you know, the only reason to have one would be to spoil one,” says Dan Mitchell, owner of Claws and Paws pet shop in Pittsburg.

So, we decided to ask pet owners in Pittsburg why they spoil their pets on Valentine’s Day.

“We treat them like a family member, and you know, they’ve only got a short life. We might as well make it as good as they can possibly have it,” says Clay Altic, a Pittsburg resident.

“He’s part [of the] family. He gets to join in holidays just like other family members and other people. So, he’s my valentine,” explains Pittsburg resident Jamie Hoover.

And getting gifts for a member of the family doesn’t seem so crazy. Even if they have four legs.

“I mean they may not know what’s going on, but they get excited because everyone else is excited,” says Hawpe.

The National Retail Federation also estimates that one in four people gets a gift for their pet on Valentine’s Day.

For overall spending, they estimate that people will spend more than 27-billion.

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