People line up for Pittsburg Salvation Army food boxes

Woman Accepts Food From Pittsburg Salvation Army

People in Pittsburg lined up Thursday for the Salvation Army’s commodities distribution event.

Four-Staters in need of a helping hand were able to pick up boxes filled with canned produce, noodles, other nonperishable food items, and even some meat and orange juice.

Local Salvation Army officials say they’ve been receiving extra food to give out since the start of the pandemic, and estimate they’ll have handed out 600 boxes by the end of the month.

“We saw that need back in March that people are going to need food, particularly because some people were laid off or their hours had been cut back, and so we just decided that we’re going to step up to the plate and provide some extra food boxes,” said Pittsburg Salvation Army core officer Mylie Hadden.

The next commodities distribution event at the Pittsburg Salvation Army office will be on June 18th.