Peculiar Pets: All about llamas

A very special guest, Snow White the llama, joins Jesse in the studio along with Kalaya Miller of Rockabilly Party Pony & Petting Zoo. There, Kalaya gives some llama facts.

A llama’s fibrous coat is waterproof. The point of this is to keep the llama warm and dry during cold weather. The water actually just rolls right off of the llama’s coat.

Llamas also have pads on their feet. The pads are used to protect their feet when they step on rocks as they scale the side of mountains. It also helps them jump since the pads give them a bit of a spring.

There is a split in the lips of a llama to help them grab items. Llamas don’t have top teeth so the split helps them grab a hold of food.

A llama also has a gestation period of 11 months, but they can hold off on birthing their young for up to two extra months. This is done to protect their young if particularly cold weather is coming.