Paula Baker discusses COVID-19 numbers

JOPLIN Mo. – Paula Baker held a media briefing today to discuss the increase of COVID cases nationwide.

According to Freeman, the omicron variant has caused an increase in both cases of COVID-19 and in the number of hospitalized patients.

Doctors warn that at-home tests may not be as reliable as many believe.

“People have gotten a negative test with the over counter testing and then got sick enough to come to the hospital to find out they did have covid,” says Robert McNab of Freeman. “If you test when you’re not feeling well with over counter tests, don’t take their result as the gospel truth.”

As of now, Freeman reports that 100,000 people have been tested for COVID. From that sample, 20,000 tested positive.

Freeman says it is important to get tested if you have symptoms of COVID-19. Self-scheduling for COVID-19 vaccinations is available at