Patients in Oswego can’t access medical records after hospital closes

Oswego Comm, Hospital patients can't get records
Patients in Oswego can’t access medical records after hospital closes
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As you probably already know — the Oswego, Kansas Community Hospital abruptly closed in February — leaving employees and patients reeling.

Now.. there’s another problem. Many former patients say they can’t access their medical records.

Something that could end badly for one woman who was a patient there for ten years.

Oswego resident Mollie Wiseman has been living with type one diabetes since 1991.. and Gastroparesis — that impacts her digestive system — since 2010.

Mollie Wiseman, Former Patient: “My stomach and bowels are shutting down. And it will shorten my life.”

Her 19 year old daughter Terra Wiseman was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder when she was 18.

Terra Wiseman. Former Patient:”It’s hard because you test every relationship you have because you don’t feel like you’re worthy of the love that they give you.”

Mollie and her daughter are both former patients of the Oswego Community Hospital.

Terra was prescribed medication to help with her personality disorder.

And Mollie gets hydration therapy to keep her hydrated — medication that will run out in two weeks if she can’t find a new doctor.

Mollie:”I would get severely dehydrated and be put in the hospital probably in icu, like I was a year ago.. and if it keeps going on I’ll die from dehydration.”

But– Mollie and her ex-husband and care attendant Shaun Wiseman say they can’t get any of their medical records.

Mollie:”Every time I call the doctors office it doesn’t say how you do to get your records, or to call anybody. It just says that they aren’t in anymore. I feel really bad for everybody in my position, and I don’t know what to do.”

Shaun Wiseman, Mollie’s Personal Care Attendent:”I’m more fearful that frustrated. Cause I do want to get her into a doctor.. I don’t want to see these things happen.. and I’ve got to have these to be able to get her in to somebody else.”

Terra:”I know that my mom needs help, and I know that I need help. And if that’s two people in just one room, than there has to be many more out there that need just as much help as we do.”

Now – we reached out to Labette Health because they are trying to fill the health care gap in Oswego, and they made us aware of a medical request form that patients can use to request their medical records.

But, any of the patients we talked to didn’t know the form even existed.

Shawn:”It is extremely frustrating cause there is little to no information out there. I mean, if it wouldn’t be for you guys, for Koam, we wouldn’t even have known that there was a new form out now that we can actually fill out and get this information.”

Now, Mollie and Terra plan to use the form to request their records.. and then hope they can find new doctors.

Mollie:”I don’t know what’s gonna happen. It’s all in the dark and it’s scary and frustrating.”

According to Kansas law, a health care provider has to release records within 30 days of receiving a request.

Officials with Labette Health say they are still seeing patients from oswego, even without a full medical history.

They also says they are still planning to open a temporary clinic in Oswego, to help fill the health care gap.

That clinic will be located at 608 Commercial Street in Oswego — and is expected to open April 1-st

If you need to access your medical records from the Oswego Community Hospital — follow this link.

Fill out the form, and mail it to 13595 SW 134 ave, suite 209, Miami, FL 33186. Or fax it to 844-556-6970.

There is also an envelope that has forms attached to the front door of the Oswego Community Hospital, located at 800 Barker Road.