Patience may be key while waiting for 2020 election results

Local Kindergarten teacher and students talk about patience and how to practice it

WEBB CITY, Mo. – We all learned at an early age to practice patience, but now more than ever that lesson rings true as we sit back and wait to hear the final results of the 2020 Presidential Election

“I think as adults it’s good for us to practice patience, also we’ve become a society where we get things immediate and it’s fantastic to have all that technology, but in the real world we still have to wait our turn, we still have to practice that patience, and as adults it’s important for us to model that for our kids” said Madge T. James Kindergarten Center teacher, Karen Dingman.

In stressful situations, like waiting longer than expected for election results, we may be feeling frustrated or angry. Dingman says it’s all about going back to the basics we learned as kids to help us deal with trying times.

“There are a lot of things that will test our patience, when we’re driving down the road, when we’re waiting our turn in a drive thru line or at a store to checkout. There are plenty of opportunities to practice that patience and the same skills we teach our kindergarteners are the skills we need as adults too​.”

Deep breathing, distracting yourself with other things, and just simply walking around can help lessen those feelings of impatience. 5-year-old Kobi Carpenter says he doesn’t mind being patient waiting for his turn on the playground or for show and tell, but it can be hard for him sometimes having patience with family.

I asked him, what about when you’re at home with your parents? Do you ever have to practice patience there?

Kobi: “A lot.”

Kaitlyn: “With what?”

Kobi: “With my little nephew.”

And even I got a lesson in patience, trying to connect with kids while they’re preoccupied with toys.

Kaitlyn: “Tell me maybe a story about when you’ve had to do that?”

Kobi: “Almost everywhere I go”

Kaitlyn: “Why is that?”

Kobi: When we get to the playground, whatever I get on he gets on, whenever we play baseball whatever I throw, he goes and gets it.”

Kaitlyn: “How does that make you feel?”

Kobi: “A tiny bit mad”

Kaitlyn: “Really? Is that when you really must be patient with him because he’s younger than you?”

Kobi: “Yes.” ​

While it may seem simple, it may also be hard to practice in such unprecedented times.

But Dingman says patience is the key.

“Patience and kindness go a long way. Being able to sit back and wait our turn and knowing whatever happens it’s going to be okay.”