Party Changes Before Primary Are Limited

A new law passed in 2014 by the Kansas Legislature prohibits party members from switching parties during a period beginning on the candidate filing deadline through the date when the results of the August primary are certified. The filing deadline normally is at noon on June 1.

Here is a summary of the major points of the law:

* Registered voters who are affiliated with a party may not file paperwork to change their party affiliations from June 1 through August this year.

* Any person who files paperwork to change parties during the prohibited period will be asked to re-file the document September 1 or after.

* Democrats, Republicans and Libertarians may not switch party affiliations during this period.

* A member of a party may not disaffiliate from his/her party and become unaffiliated during this period.

* A registered voter who is unaffiliated may, however, affiliate with a party during this period and when voting at the primary or requesting an advance ballot.

Voters are encouraged to become aware of the new rules as they prepare for the August 2 state primary election. Please check your voter registration information at or by calling the office of the County Clerk at 620-724-6115.