Partnership Ensures Safe Start to 2017, Offers Free Rides Home

Partnership Ensures Safe Start to 2017, Offers Free Rides Home

People throughout the four states prepare for a night of celebrations, but it’s a long night ahead for bar tenders and taxi cab drivers, one of the busiest of the year. But a partnership helps to ensure a safe start to 2017.
Justin Ley’s cab will be running all night long. He’s 1 of 16 drivers working on New Year’s Eve for AAA Taxi in Joplin.
“It’s double, we usually run 7 or 8 cabs on a Friday night and Saturday night,” says assistant manager Toni Logan.
New Year’s Eve is “without a doubt,” the busiest night for the business Logan says.
And of course a profitable night at the bars, bringing out more than the typical crowd.
“It’s usually referred to as the rookie night. Usually the people who go out on this type of holiday are the ones that usually this is the only night they go out during the year, or once a quarter or once every 6 months,” says Jon Buck, owner of JB’s Piano Bar on Main Street.
A partnership with Budweiser ensures cost won’t keep people from getting a sober driver to take them home.
“Missouri Eagle alert cab coupons, [Missouri Eagle] passes them out to the bartenders to give out to the customers. Each customer has to have a coupon and that is good for a free ride home anywhere in Joplin,” says Logan.
AAA Taxi will pick up 4 times as many people on New Year’s Eve than on a normal night, keeping hundreds of people that have been drinking off the roads.
“You could be injured, you could injure someone else or take their life and the cost of a cab, and if you have an alert cab coupon its free, anywhere else in Joplin you can get for $10 or under usually,” says Logan.
“Our business and what we do, I mean it does give people impairment. We have to take it on us to make sure we do our part. I take it really seriously and I have for the past couple years but it’s not only helping my customers, its helping my business,” says Buck.
Ensuring a fun, but safe, close to 2016.
The coupons can be used for a discounted taxi fare outside of Joplin city limits. AAA warns that after midnight patrons should expect at least an hour long wait. They ask for patience saying that they will pick everyone up.