Parsons Produces American Idol Hopeful

Parsons Produces American Idol Hopeful

Last week, American Idol fans got their first look at Anton “Nuke” Bushner.

“He’s actually shy to sing in front of us,” Anton’s mother, Tisha Bushner, said. “But he can do it in front of a crowd.”

“He always used to come to my car and start singing,” one friend said. “He used to turn down my music and start singing.”

“It’s been crazy,” Anton said. “Everybody’s like, oh my gosh you were on TV . And i’m like, hey guys I’m still the same guy, you know?”

Anton Bushner, had never sang in front of a large crowd.

“Bon fire’s and stuff like that,” he said. “I played for a couple buddies birthday parties.”

Now the Parsons native has millions paying attention. And he’s hoping to keep them listening.

“If I can get out there and be a country singer like I always wanted to, it’d be my dream,” Anton said.

But “Nuke” almost didn’t audition when American Idol came to Kansas City.

“I mean, I’ve been singing since I was young. Real young. I just never knew how good I was,” he said.

The Kansas cowboy had to be convinced by a friend.

“He looked at me and was like, dude you can sing your butt off ,” Anton said. “And I’m like yeah, whatever .”

“[Anton’s friend had] been pushing him. Pushing him to [audition]. And [Anton] been real shy about it, and didn’t want to go,” Tisha said.

“He was like, man you gotta go to American Idol ,” Anton said. “So I went.”

And now, with a ticket to Hollywood, the teenager from Parsons has his sights set on the billboard charts.

“If I can do something I love to do, and make a lot of money doing it… Man, why not? I mean, there’s people out there watching all around the world instead of just one town,” Anton said. “It definitely got me out there. It got my voice out there. It definitely showed everybody that nothing’s impossible man. Nothing’s impossible.”

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