Parsons Police Officers arrest man for felony level criminal damage

Parsons Police Officers arrest man for felony level criminal damage
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PARSONS, Kan. – A domestic incident ended with up to $25,000 in property damage, Parsons Police Officers say.

During the early hours of June 15, a concerned citizen called police dispatch to alert them of a domestic fight taking place in the 1700 block of Stevens.

The caller told dispatch that a white male without a shirt on was yelling at a female before taking off towards 16th street.

When officers arrived at the scene, they found Travis Caine Kellogg, 22 of Parsons. Witnesses say Kellogg damaged nine vehicles and a mailbox and a large flowerpot in the area of 18th and Washington. Officers later discovered that Kellogg also broke two windows at the Parsonian Apartments.

“It is unfortunate that this much damage was done to any citizen’s vehicle in this economic climate. I am thankful to the citizens who called the police department and reported this heinous activity. Destruction of property still hurts victims, not in a physical sense but financially and emotionally,” said Police Chief Robert Spinks. “It is now time to pass this felon on to the courts for their part of the criminal justice system.”

Police arrested Kellog and prosecutors are now requesting 10 counts of Criminal Damage to Property.

Parsons officers say the crime is still under investigation.