Parsons city officials discuss plans for Prairie West Pond

Parsons city officials discuss plans for Prairie West Pond
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Residents of Parsons, Kansas use Prairie West Pond as a recreational area for picnicking and fishing. But some residents say, it’s lost its appeal.

“I’ve been wanting them to do some work on that for a long time, “said Parsons resident Brian Collins. “There’s a lot of kids that use the park and over the years it’s just become an eyesore.”

City officials say a plan is in the works to address issues concerning the pond. These include replacing the broken fountain and properly aerating the water. They are researching several options to enrich the pond with oxygen and to make it look good overall.

Situated in the northwest section of the city, the pond serves as a drainage basin for the community. This, officials say, gives reason behind some of the overgrowth.

“We’re addressing water that’s rolling off from homes, maybe they’ve fertilized their lawns, you know, you get growth, so we’re trying to deal with all of that in addition to making the pond look pretty and keep it as a beautiful park,” said Kari West of the city of Parsons.

Many residents are eager to see a change.

“I think they really need to spend some money here and take care of this and bring it back to what it used to be,” said Collins.

Utilities Director Derek Clevenger says this is the goal.

“We do want to fix the pond. We’re not happy with the way it looks either. With the budget as tight as it is, we’re going to find a solution to make the pond look better and aesthetically pleasing.”

While the city is still deciding on the best option for fixing the pond, officials say they want to act fast. They are aiming to put the proposed plans and budget for the pond in front of city council next month.