Parks & Rec departments are gearing up for Spring & Summer

Joplin's department sees a benefit to keeping certain precautions and procedures in place.

As we slide our way into warmer weather, parks and recreation departments around the Four States are preparing to get outdoor programming back into full swing.

While last year threw all sorts of obstacles at Joplin’s Parks and Rec department, they’re using what they’ve learned to gear up for spring and summer 2021.

That also means they’re continuing to implement many of the things that worked well.

A great example are the recreation kits they’ve been making available to the community.

Available on the first day of each month, each bag comes with supplies for all sorts of activities.

They originally started as a one time thing back in the fall — just as a fun way to break up the weekend with a friend or family member’s help.

However, kids liked them so much that they decided to keep it going.

All you have to do to get one is register either over the phone or online, and with today being the first of the month, they’re being given out to anyone who registered beforehand.

If you didn’t get one, do not worry — give the department a call and if there are any still available, they’ll be happy to make sure you get one too.