Parents On Edge After Rumors Swirl About Threat on Lamar HS Campus

Parents On Edge After Rumors Swirl About Threat on Lamar HS Campus

“My child goes to school, I want to know what’s going on with my child,” says a Lamar Schools parent who does not wish to be named.

Several Lamar parents are upset they weren’t notified by the school district about a situation going on at the High School. Many learned from their kids or on social media about a kid or group of kids planning to shoot up the school using a hit list or safe list.

“On Facebook it says there was a kid that threatened to bring a gun to school. And I heard he also had a list of kids that he was going to shoot and he had threatened someone else’s niece. And a month before that he also threatened someone with a knife and they only suspended him, if I’m correct, for two days.”

Lamar School District Executive Director of Special Services Piper Stewart says “Personally I’ve heard several different rumors. The majority of them are not true that are going on either in the school or the community. Students yes, they know there’s some things going on but do they know exactly, you know, the risk and everything…I don’t think so. I think sometimes they get blown out of proportion.”

School officials say they treat all threats seriously and follow up on them with an investigation. But at this point in time they believe students are in no risk of imminent danger.

“If we feel needed we involve law enforcement or juvenile authorities to make sure one we’ve covered all bases and then two then again, the safety of our students.”

Law enforcement have stepped up their presence at the High School, but some parents say more needs to be done.

“I know you cannot prevent everything but some safety precautions should be taken. I mean they need to do more than just patrol and everything. I mean they do random drug tests on the children, why can they not search their lockers once a month or something.”

Authorities say they are wrapping up their investigation and that tomorrow there will not be as many officers on campus. They could not reveal more about the incident since it involves a juvenile.