Parents charged with sexual abuse of their child

Monday the pair were granted a bond reduction to $25,000 surety
Parents Charged With Sexual Abuse Of Their Child
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NEWTON COUNTY, Mo. — Charges are filed on a mother and father alleging sexual abuse of their 3-year-old child.

In an investigation that surfaced last May, Joshua Ray Yust and Amelia Christina Yust, 4615 S Sergeant, have now been arrested and are being held in the Newton County jail on the following charges:

  • Joshua Yust
    • Statutory Rape 1st
    • Child Molestation 1st
  • Amelia Yust
    • Child Molestation 1st

According to the probable cause affidavit filed, the child was interviewed at The Children’s Center numerous times over a period of months.

In the series of interviews involving ‘directive play therapy’ the child victim gave the following disclosures, “mommy and daddy touch me and kiss me right here.”

According to the Clinical Child Therapist, the victim used, “her right hand with pointing finger touching her vagina area outside of her clothes.”

More than a month later in the series of interviews utilizing ‘non-directive play’ the child victim, “chose to play with the baby dolls. She discovered the male and female genitals on the dolls.”

The child victim stated, “Mom and dad kissed it and touched it but I say don’t want to.” She continued, “Mom and daddy trap me and I hold still.”

The Therapist states her findings in the probable cause, “It is natural for children who have experienced sexual abuse trauma to display that behavior in other settings and talk about it as if its normal behavior. Based upon [victim] disclosures and observable behaviors. I believe [victim] has experienced sexual abuse.

Monday, January 31 both defendants were granted a bond reduction to $25,000 surety. Both are represented by different attorneys.

Joshua Yust and Amelia Yust next court date is set as a preliminary hearing for April 4, 2022.

You can find the probable cause court document below.