Pandemic causes skyrocketing lumber prices

Lumber In Lumber Yard

MIAMI, Okla. – The pandemic has affected many businesses in many ways and the lumber industry is no exception.

“You call today and I give you a price on a 2 by 4 today, that price is probably not going to be good tomorrow,” said Mark Welch, owner of M&D Lumber in Miami, Oklahoma.

Welch also says the soaring prices are creating headaches for both him and his customers.

“(They’re) just frustrated with prices. I get cussed out regularly, people thinking we’re price gouging until they call around. I mean, it’s affecting everybody everywhere in every town,” said Welch.

According to Business Insider, prices have soared more than 250% during the last year because the pandemic forced many mills to close or significantly slow production, but Mark says that’s not all that happened.

“Well right when COVID first hit, we actually had a record number of sales with everybody home not doing anything. That really depleted the mills and what everybody had in the storehouse, and that’s where we’re at right now, trying to fill that,” said Welch.

Mark says he hopes lumber prices calm down as our country makes progress fighting COVID-19, but as of now, he doesn’t like what’s happening.

“Right now, we’re still on an upward trend. I hope by the end of 2021 that we’ve at least become stable,” said Welch.