Pack Up and Go: Pt 3

Lillian Rafson sits down to talk about how to find trustworthy information online when it comes to planning the perfect vacation.

She recommends staying away from the larger travel review sites like Yelp and Trip Advisor since there is too much information to parse through. You should instead find local sources like blogs, newspapers, or even local travel advisors to help you get a better understanding of the hottest spots to stop by while out and about on the town.

When it comes to travel advisors, the most important role they play on your vacation is taking the stress from planning out of the equation, allowing you to simply enjoy your vacation.

Overall, her biggest advice is to think about what you want out of your vacation. Don’t be afraid of spending a little extra money on an upgraded room or a nice dinner because at the end of the day, vacations are finite and you’re there to relax and enjoy your time away.