Owners of Jim’s Steakhouse discuss restaurant’s future

Jims Steakhouse Sign

PITTSBURG, Ks. – The Castagno family spent Friday cleaning up Jim’s Steakhouse in Pittsburg which is once again in their possession.

They sold the steakhouse seven years ago but got it back after the last owner couldn’t keep up with payments.

“He ran it for seven years, and I think after about six he just got tired of it and walked out,” said Jim’s Steakhouse co-owner Leroy Castagno.

Leroy says his family has heard plenty of rumors about the future of Jim’s Steakhouse since they got the restaurant back, and he wants to set the record straight.

He says health problems prevent him from getting back in the steakhouse business, but that doesn’t mean Jim’s is done in Pittsburg.

“We’d like to try and keep it as a steakhouse, not something else. There are several people out there really interested. I’m surprised. We’d like to see it reopen as Jim’s Steakhouse and we’re working on it right now,” said Leroy.

Jim’s Steakhouse has been a popular Pittsburg restaurant for the last 82 years, and while the Castagnos are looking for a new owner, that doesn’t mean they plan on being strangers.

“I told a guy today, I said, ‘I look forward to coming back here and eating here if you buy it because Pittsburg needs it,'” said Leroy.