Ottawa Tribe of Oklahoma turning vacant Miami landmark into vintage diner

They are making sure they give their customers a look back into time.
Miami Landmark

MIAMI, Okla. – Construction is underway at what was once a vacant gas station in Miami…but will soon become a new local favorite spot. The Ottawa Tribe of Oklahoma will transform it into a triple threat vintage diner with an ice cream parlor and tea house vibe.

“We’re going to try and take it back to the nostalgia years, 50’s and 60’s, when you would come and play the juke box. It’s going to have an ice cream bar with the stools and ice cream cones, homemade malts” said Ottawa Tribe Chief, Ethel Cook.

They are making sure they give their customers a look back into time.

“Good ole greasy cheeseburgers and seasoned fries that we used to remember you know” added Cook.

There will also be an outdoor patio, drive thru and murals painted on the outside that represent route 66 along with the tribes in the area.

“We’ll have some Native American murals on the inside also to represent all Native Americans, not just the Ottawa tribe, but all the natives in this northeast corner as much as we can. We’ll have history in our gift shop of tourist attractions the other tribes have in this area that people can go visit” said Cook.

Miami Mayor Bless Parker says this project is a great way for the city to reconnect with the tribes.

“We’re really making a point to cultivate those relationship and Ethel and her tribe are doing a great thing for us here, investing in our community.”

And they are hoping it will bring more visitors to town

“This is really going to fit well. We have a lot of traffic that goes down route 66 and were really interested in capturing as much of that travel, as much of those tourism dollars we can and if you add something like this on route 66 people are going to stop and they want to see something” added Parker.

For Ethel and her tribe, the landmark has been in their possession for years and she says it feels good to finally do something with it.

The tribe did get a HUD grant to be able to complete this project.

“With it being right by the route 66 sign and with the city how they’ve made the old lanterns as the lighting down main street and stuff, gives it that old time ambience and so I think it’s going to be a big hit, I really do.”

Pruitt Brothers Construction Company won the bid to create the project. They are hoping construction will be done by springtime.