Ottawa County Sheriff seeks grants to add upgrades to jail

MIAMI, Okla. – After last October’s electrical fire at the Ottawa County Jail, inmates were evacuated to neighboring facilities, but every day that prisoners aren’t here costs the county money and that worries citizens like Roberta Gabbard.

“If they don’t get it fixed up, they’re gonna have to close it down completely and then where are they gonna house the prisoners?”

It’s a problem that’s been heavy on the mind of Sheriff Jeremy Floyd, but he’s coming up with ways to cut ba

ck on costs and generate funds, namely through grants.
One of those grants comes from a partnership with NEO A&M college, in which Sheriff Floyd is educating students on opioid dangers in exchange for about $10,000 to pay for deputy uniforms.

“We did x amount of lessons associated with that particular grant and it was kind of the foundation of a pre-run of a future grant that we’re gonna apply for,” said Floyd.

The sheriff is also applying for a grant to pay for new equipment, namely a LiveScan Fingerprint machine valued at $20,000.

“The old one is causing a lot of errors when we’re fingerprinting people, so we wanna make sure that we’ve got a new LiveScan that will be up-to-date and we can submit those fingerprints properly.”

Donations are also making a difference in getting the jail back on its feet.

“We’ve had sheriff’s offices in California, Arizona, New Jersey, Kansas City. They’ve been very helpful all over the country and the latest count I got, we got about 5 pallets of uniforms coming for inmates which ultimately will save the county a tremendous amount of money and last us a long time.”

Until the jail is up to code, Gabbard hopes people can stay out of trouble.

“Just keep up the good work and keep people out of jail, that way they don’t have to spend the money to send them somewhere else,” she said.

New piping including fire suppression has been completed and is awaiting inspection.

Sheriff Floyd hopes to have the jail fully open by the end of this week or the beginning of next.