Ottawa County residents show steady turnout for Super Tuesday

Oklahoma is one of fourteen states to hold presidential primary

OTTAWA COUNTY, Okla. – Hundreds of people in Ottawa County make it a point to vote in the presidential primary election on Super Tuesday.

“People need to use their freedom,” says voter Rose Graham.

The democrats that voted in the election did so hoping to bring about a change in Washington come November.

“I think that we need a lot of help getting someone in there that can beat Trump,” says voter Beth Sharp.

“I flip-flopped many times in my head, but when it came down to it, Elizabeth Warren. She’s kind of in the middle. She is in touch with the people,” says voter Susan Tune.

But, many voters didn’t think that the turnout would be that great this time around.

“I think they’re lazy and they think other people will do it for them,” says Sharp.

Both the chair for the Ottawa County Democratic and Republic Parties say it’s vital for residents to get out and vote during all elections.

But, Glen Wiford, the chair of the Ottawa County Republican Party, didn’t anticipate many Republicans getting out for the primary leading up to the day.

“I expect a very low turnout here in Ottawa County which happens too often, and especially on the Republican side. There’ll be even fewer I do believe. There are some very enthusiastic supporters of President Trump and they will turn out,” says Wiford.

And there were some Republicans that hit their precinct to show their support for President Trump.

“I think he’s done a pretty good job so far. Kept us out of some pretty bad wars and some pretty bad stuff right now,” says voter Butch Lowry.

“Cause I believe he’s doing a good job and he’s trying to put religion back where it needs to be in this country,” says Graham.

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