Oswego School Donating Hay to Western Kansas

Oswego School Donating Hay to Western Kansas

More than 700,000 acres of land have been burned in western Kansas in the largest single fire in the state’s history. Residents have lost a considerable amount of their resources and donations from all over the country have started pouring in. In Oswego, Service Valley Charter Academy started a hay drive to help give back.
Kindergarten students practice their writing skills putting well wishes like “safe trip,” “good job,” and “you’re awesome” on goodie bags they’re putting together for truck drivers heading to Ashland, Kansas.
“The truckers, they’re donating their time, a lot of them are donating their truck and trailers and so for us to be able to give them a little bit of comfort on the long road trip is the goal behind the goodie bags,” says Ray Huff, principal of Service Valley Charter Academy.
The drivers will be hauling bales of hay given to the school’s hay drive.
“Overall, I think I’ve got probably 20 plus farmers and ranchers locally that are willing to donate and some of them are willing to donate up to 70 or 75 bales a piece,” says Huff.
Service Valley has been promised 500 bales of hay to donate.

Many ranchers have completely lost what they need to produce an income. The Kansas Livestock Association has been collecting donations of hay, fencing and trucking from all over the country.
“They have come from as far as Virginia, Wisconsin, New Mexico, Georgia, Kentucky, South Dakota and many other states,” says Todd Domer with KLA.
Relief efforts have been huge but damage is so widespread, more help will be needed.
For the students that see their teachers, families and community members willing to help, it’s a lesson on giving back.
“For our kids to be able to witness that, those people that are willing to just give what they have, a bale of hay may not be a lot but it means a lot to those farmers and ranchers out west, they don’t have anything right now, they literally have nothing. It’s important for our kids to understand that it’s important in life to give back,” says Huff.
He says their efforts will continue until all 500 bales are donated. They need more truck drivers willing to make the trip to Ashland and back. For those interested, call 620-421-3449