OSSAA adds extra week of football games because of the pandemic

Each school in the state will play in the playoffs this year

QUAPAW, Okla. – The Oklahoma Secondary Schools Activities Association has made a big change to the 2020 football season. Because of game cancelations throughout the season, the association has added an extra week of games. Meaning that all schools in the state will make this year’s playoffs as a play-in game.

“Being in the playoffs for us is a big accomplishment. It really is. Because they haven’t been in the playoffs probably since 2007…2009…somewhere around there. So it’s been a while for us to get into the playoffs. And these kids deserve that,” says Quapaw head football coach Chris Cawyer.

With the association’s announcement, Quapaw senior Matt Lovell will get to play in his first playoff game.

“It’s something from going — not winning a single game my freshman year. That’s all I could have wanted going into my senior year and just being here through the whole process,” adds Lovell.

Even before the pandemic, the Wildcats have been working towards the post-season. That hard work seems to be paying off…Quapaw is 4-and-1 overall more than halfway through the season.

“Random people that I don’t even know come up to me from Commerce, Afton just come up to me and say we’re working hard,” says Lovell.

While some new teams will be in the playoffs this year, the post-season is nothing new to the Commerce Tigers. The tigers have made the playoffs in 19 consecutive seasons.

“Kinda considering the second round of the playoffs as making the playoffs in Oklahoma this year. Because that’s what it is. Everybody’s going to make it. So I’m not going to tell these kids they made the playoffs until they win the first game,” says Commerce head coach Steve Moss.

The seniors say the association made the right call to give players a chance to have that playoff taste during this pandemic.

“Considering there’s a lot of schools that probably wouldn’t have made it because they couldn’t play their games because of COVID,” adds Lovell.

“I mean, I feel for the seniors who don’t really get the chance to play every — all 10 games throughout the season,” adds Commerce senior Austin Hart.

Since the association added that extra week of games, the state championships will be pushed back one week.