Oronogo library hopes to expand to meet public’s demand

Oronogo library hopes to expand to meet public’s demand
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The Oronogo Library officially opened its doors on April 6th, but its been steadily growing ever since.

While it’s currently only open one day a week, demand from the community is prompting some changes for the future.

Courtney Gratton is a stay-at-home mom, but every week, she gets out of the house to stock up on books with her two-year-old.

“Every Saturday that they’re open, we’re here. He loves to get his books, so if we know they’re not gonna be open the next week, we get more books just to make sure we have enough books to last us for two weeks then,” explained Gratton.

Gratton’s son, Cole, is an avid reader who reminds his mom to bring him to the library each Saturday that they’re open from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

“I like to play toys and read books,” exlaimed Cole.

It’s that enthusiasm that’s prompting the volunteers who operate the library to expand their hours and add more kids activities, like read-alouds.

“Especially during the summer when school is not going on, so if there’s kids that aren’t going to summer school or, you know, in July, when there’s not summer school, they have somewhere to go and toys to play with, books to read, things to do, so that’s the dream,” said Megan Dotson, a volunteer with the Oronogo Library.

It’s a dream that started small with little, free libraries around town, eventually growing into the current space with donations from the community.

“I’m really proud of everyone that’s helped with it and get it going because it’s been a couple years in the making, so it’s nice to see it up and running now,” said Dotson.

The goal is to one day have a building big enough for a computer space, but for now the community appreciates the little library they have.

“I think the goal for now is to stay here and just be able to open up our hours more,” said Dotson.

“As he grows he can check out the more advanced books, and keep learning, and keep socializing with the community and getting to know everybody,” said Gratton.

The library is located on 2nd Street, right next to the Oronogo Post Office.

A library card can be purchased for $2, with all funds going towards buying books.

You can keep up with changes at the library here.