Orientation held for new Pittsburg State faculty

On Monday Pittsburg State University introduced 19 new faculty members.

The new members began a two-day new faculty orientation session on Monday with opening remarks from PSU President Steve Scott.

After that the new faculty attended a number of sessions focusing on different aspects of Pitt State from the university’s history to the new technology.

“With all the changes in technology year by year it’s very important for the faculty to know how to utilize the new pieces of technology that are available to us,” says Cheryl Giefer, a professor with the PSU Nursing School.

“The students are going to have a lot of questions and we need to know the answers, and us being new faculty if we don’t know them we need to know where to turn to find those answers to be able to guide our students,” says Christina Cook, new faculty for PSU’s Fashion Merchandising program.

In addition to orientation sessions monthly meetings are held throughout the academic year helping new faculty get familiar with Pittsburg State.