Options for voting when you’re under isolation or quarantine order.

Election officials expect record voter turnout.
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Officials expect a record turnout this election.

But, what do you do if you’re stuck at home because you’ve been exposed to COVID-19, or may even be in the hospital, and didn’t vote early? You do still have some options.

The Crawford County Clerk says, in Kansas, you can vote as a sick or disabled assisted voter. It works by having someone go to the county clerks office so they can pick up a ballot for you, and then you fill it out and that person returns it. There’s not any pre-application required, but the person picking it up will have to sign an affidavit, saying they won’t impact the way the voter votes. In Crawford County, they like to know ahead of time so they can streamline the process.

In Oklahoma, you can file an emergency incapacitated absentee ballot. An election official in Ottawa County says it works a lot like assisted voting in Kansas, where someone retrieves and delivers your ballot for you. But you do have to fill out an application, which can be filled out the day of, and the application has to include a statement by a licensed physician, according to officials in Ottawa County.

And in Missouri, in some cases, county clerks will send poll workers to your house with a ballot in tow. There aren’t any But, that depends on the resources of your county. For example, in McDonald county, they will be delivering ballots to homes. But in Jasper county, they won’t because they won’t have enough resources to take away from polling places.

No matter where you live, officials recommend calling your county clerk’s office if you have any questions.