Optimistic Leaders can Win the Future


SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — The best way to predict the future is to invent it according to author William C. Taylor.

Dr. Jim Wirth, a human development specialist with University of Missouri Extension, says Taylor’s key thoughts on how business organizations can best meet the challenges of the future and stay ahead of the game are worth noting.

“Taylor’s points can also be summed up with one word: optimism,” said Wirth.

However, Wirth says there are four primarily thoughts from Taylor that are worth noting if you run a business of any type.

1. The most successful organizations won’t just work to beat their rivals. They will aspire to redefine the terms of competition by embracing unique ideas. “Successful companies will promise what no one else comparable in their field can promise, and they will deliver what no one else can deliver,” said Wirth.

2. The best companies care more than other companies about customers, colleagues, and how the organization conducts itself. Sustaining performance is as much about cultivating a spirit of grassroots energy, enthusiasm and engagement as it is about unleashing a set of game-changing ideas. “The very best companies are as serious about the human factor in business as they are about development, finance, and marketing,” said Wirth.

3. One of the make-or-break challenges for any organization is to become irreplaceable in the eyes of its customers. ‘That’s why it’s not enough to satisfy customers rationally. You have to engage them emotionally and to conduct yourself in ways that are unusual and unforgettable,” said Wirth.

4. In a world that never stops changing, great leaders never stop learning. “The challenge for leaders at every level is to out think the competition, to develop a unique point of view about the future and help the organization get there before anyone else. You do that by seeing opportunities that other leaders don’t see,” said Wirth.

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