Old Route 66 state line now marked, it’s the perfect photo op for thousands of travelers

City of Galena, Kan. and Joplin Convention and Visitors Bureau create a yellow brick road along the border and classic Route 66 Shields for each state
Route 66
Missouri - Kansas Old Route 66 State Line Marker

JASPER COUNTY, Mo. – Tuesday afternoon was the state border installation dreamed up by city of Galena, Kan. and the Joplin, Mo. Convention and Visitors Bureau.  It’s an easily-forgotten border because it’s the Old Route 66 to the north of the more heavily traveled 7th street mark.

The hope is the thousands of people who traverse the Old 66 every year will have a chance for a photo opportunity (known as photo op) along the border of the two states.  It’s now marked with ‘yellow bricks‘, and the Old Route 66 respective Shields.

We are putting down a border marker along Old Route 66 between Kansas and Missouri. You know we have a Missouri sign along 7th Street that goes into Galena, and people like to travel Route 66.  We don’t have a ‘Missouri or Kansas sign’ to take a photo of.  So about two years ago the city of Galena went along the border and put bricks down and we are giving them a fresh coat of yellow today.  And we have a Missouri 66 Shield and a Kansas 66 Shield that the Joplin Special Road District is installing for us.” – Patrick Tuttle, Dir., Joplin Convention & Visitors Bureau 

City of Galena workers were on hand to assist with traffic.  They had already done the hard part of laying the bricks a few years ago. The Joplin Special Road District painted the bricks Tuesday and installed the shields.

The Shields are made of a durable plastic/rubber that is activated to adhere to the pavement through heat.  Road District workers cleaned the road, then used a blow-torch device to dry to roadway. They then arranged the Shields and heated them with the blow-torch device to adhere them into the road surface.

Tuttle notes, “It’s a very heavily trafficked road.  We had to put something down that was sturdy, highway safe, and hopefully be durable enough to last for years.”

Click here for directions to the actual spot according to Google Maps.